For the Best, lightest and the most favourite girl in the world.


Husky Haven Esmeralda (Jutta)   17 Nov 09 - 23 Oct 14

23 Oct 14, Our Jutti died, she almost reached her annivesary...


You are the best of all things that happenned to are ideal dog.

Best dog, Member of the family, Perfect mom and governess for our children, the most beautiful and the most wonderful Siberian!

Our first husky, best, dearest girl...cleverest, kindest, gentlest, naughtiest, smiliest and the best kisser ever...the sweetest girl in the world, founder of our kennel. She witnessed the creation of our family, our wedding, birth of our children...
We are very sorry that we couldn't save you, our girl. You gave us the most wonderful memories, showed another world, gave all of you to us....We can't bring you back and will never forgive ourselves for that.






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