Greetings from Olga and Ivan Chichirko

"OlgiVan Show" - is a family kennel, all our litters are thoroughly planned, we have our own views and goals, you can reserve pup ahead. Our children are living in different cities and countries, we have no problems with shipping.

We are trying to create a warm relationships with the owners and are happy to include new members to our family of the lovers of the magnificent breed - Siberian Husky. 

There's a wonderful saying:

“If you're crazy enough to do what you love for a living then you're bound to create a life that matters.” (K Herb)

Our life is devoted to our dogs, to whose life, development and wins we give all we got.

A bit of history...
Our history started in 2009 when we got our first siberian (we were breeding Chinese Crested before).
We fell in love at first sight with all dogs we owned. It was the same with Jutta...Huge thanks to Marina Sinitsyna (Husky Haven kennel), for our first and the very best girl - Husky Haven Esmeralda (she has her own page on our website). Marina and Jutta showed us this world in full colors. Our wonderful Kirusha came to us in 2010.

First litter was born in 2011.
In 2013 we lost all our Chinese Crresteds in the fire and left the breed.
In december same year our first and long-awaited boy Ferz arrived to our place (Semargl Yan Kupala) , we want give our biggest thanks to Tatiana Soldatova (T-Lesark kennel)
and to his breeder - Vlada Kugurakova (Semargl kennel).
In 2014 girls came to us - Eva (Jungcy Husky Ostrowya, imp. Poland), Fishka (Gjel Goldfish ), Fiji (Husky Haven Floating Cloud and Avrora . We are very grateful to their breeders!
The kennel was officially registered in 2011. You can see all our dogs, current and planned litters, show and sport results here and in social services.


PHONE. +7 (981) 888 - 44 - 74

PHONE. +7 (999) 200 - 37 - 10


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